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MKC-1 for Oncology

MKC-1 is an orally-active, small molecule, cell cycle inhibitor with in vitro and in vivo efficacy against a broad range of human solid tumor cell lines, including multi-drug resistant cell lines. MKC-1 acts through multiple mechanisms of action, arresting cellular mitosis and inducing cell death (apoptosis) by binding to a number of different cellular proteins including tubulin and members of the importin ╬▓ family. MKC-1 also inhibits activation of the oncogenic kinase Akt and the mTOR pathway through a mechanism that is a subject of investigation by EntreMed scientists.

MKC-1 has demonstrated broad antitumor effects in multiple preclinical models, including paclitaxel-resistant models, and was evaluated in several Phase 1 and 2 clinical studies involving nearly 270 patients prior to the licensing of the drug from Hoffman La Roche. These studies have provided extensive pharmacokinetic and safety data. Since acquired by EntreMed, MKC-1 has shown single agent antitumor activity in breast cancer patients and in combination with Alimta® in NSCLC patients. MKC-1 has completed multiple Phase 2 clinical trials for cancer and has a robust data set.

The company is seeking a partner to collaborate on further clinical investigation of MKC-1.

Please visit the Clinical section of our website for a complete listing of clinical studies with MKC-1.